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Why choose Shopnfriends to start your Style Journey?

Women are generally pretty tough on themselves when it comes to their bodies and how they look and feel in clothes. In fact we recently conducted a poll amongst our followers that suggested as many as 64% of women actually decided to stay home instead of a night out, because they had nothing nice to wear! This is so sad when it doesn’t have to be this way!

If you are tired of feeling ordinary in your clothes and longing for someone to guide you through the maze of stores to teach you what your authentic personal style is, then please choose us!

Every member of our Style Team are qualified and experienced Personal Stylists who are exactly just like going shopping with a friend! So you will leave us feeling so much happier and more confident in your own skin! And we started styling Perth women way back in 2008, so we have helped thousands of Perth women over the past 10+ years! And we want to be the ones who help you!

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Janine created Shopnfriends back in 2009, as she noticed a gap in the marketplace where everyday women could have affordable access to Personal Styling Services. She originally trained and qualified as an Image Consultant with the International Styling Academy in Melbourne, then she continued her studies with American Image Consultant, Brenda Kinsel over the next few years to stay up-to-date with the emerging marketplace in Perth, Western Australia.

In 2012, Janine started to officially train Personal Stylists, running both group and individual training programs for more than 70 students before more recently collaborating with Image Innovators in Melbourne to run Accredited Personal Stylist Training.

These days, she works in the field as a Stylist and Presenter, whilst also managing the Style Team.

Our Services

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The StylenShop has always been our most popular service because it combines a coffee consultation with a shopping session!


Shopnfriends - Style@Home - Fashion Stylist Perth

The [email protected] is the perfect session for a woman who has a lot of clothes and does not really know where to start on her style journey.


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Personal Shopping

Shopnfriends Personal Shopping Sessions are available to existing clients who have already completed a StylenShop or [email protected] Session.


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Other Services

Shopnfriends - Wardrobe Sort - Fashion Stylist Perth

Wardrobe Sorts

Our wardrobe sorts are a 2-hour session for existing clients who may have “fallen off the tracks”.


Shopnfriends - Mens Styling- Fashion Stylist Perth

Mens Styling

Our Personal Styling sessions for men are a fun, “no-fuss” way for a man to update his wardrobe.


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Group Bookings

Style parties, workshops, fashion parades & charity events, corporate styling presentations + more.


Want to become a stylist?

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About Us

Styling Services & Personal Shopping

Address: Perth, Western Australia

Phone: 0450 882 778

Email: [email protected]


Our Services

Our services include;

The StylenShop
[email protected]
Personal Shopping
Wardrobe Sorts
Mens Styling
Group Bookings

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